BeatsBingo is the latest craze to sweep bars, house parties, birthdays corporate and holiday parties. Unlike other bar style games such as Trivia, the music is non-stop so there is no need to listen to some boring EmCee call out silly facts no one really cares about.

People go out to have a good time, listen to their favorite music and socialize. BeatsBingo brings you the most music and the most fun you can have before midnight and get you primed up for the rest of the evening. We have created playlists and genres specific to the audience we are playing for.The Entertainer/DJ gives everone a laminated card and a pen. All you need to do is listen to the songs as they come on while you are dancing, socializing, eating or whatever it is you are doing. There are no interruptions until someone wins. Just listen, check off the songs on your BeatsBingo card and thats it!

When you win just bring your card up to the DJ and they will validate it with "crowd participation" so there is no cheating and off with your prize for winning you go!

For more info or to book an event email